Art 110

Week 12 Extra Credit FeedBack 

My Three Favorite Activities:

→Comfort Zone:

I liked this activity because we were inclined to do something that we have never done before. We were asked to push our boundaries and explore ourselves a bit more and that was awesome to me.

→Graffiti Bombing:

This activity was really really fun because we had to work with paint and cardboard. It was fun trying to produce our names like taggers would and to make stand out as much as we could. This was cool project because it was the first time I worked with spray paint.

→Instagram Social Project:

This activity was cool because I thought that I only had it tough in school but that’s not the truth a lot of my peers are doing the same exact stuff as I am. I like that I was able to see and relate to my peers and see the stuff they do daily as well.

My Three LEAST Favorite Activities:

New Media Project (The Mina Show):

This project to me was really difficult because I didn’t know how do it. I don’t feel like I can express myself like she did in the middle of public.

→ The Kick Starter Project:

I thought that project was pointless even though kick starter is good for starting up business’s.  I believe we could have done something bigger and much funner then this project.

→Plaster Sculpture:

This activity was pretty fun but I dislike that it got really messy and that we had go far to do it. Im not that creative person so I was kind of hard for me to do this project.

Elements Of The Class:

A. Tuesdays in UT-108

I loved how on tuesdays we always recapped everything and we saw the best projects and the fact that glen brought so much life to the class. Tuesday were very informational and resourceful.

B. Activities overall

The activités were great because it gave us something fun to do every week and something creative. I really liked thursdays because every thursday was a new journey.

C. Artist Conversations

Meeting the artist was really great and just seeing their art was really awesome as well. Every week I didn’t know what to expect I always saw something new, fresh and unique talent  weekly.  The art in the galleries were always super duper dope.

D. Classmate Conversations

Meeting and interviewing new people for me was pretty cool because of glen i was able to make new friends learn about people and see new cultures. The classmate interviews pushed the culture boundaries and I really appreciate that.

E. Using Your Website

WordPress for me was and is something great that I plan to use in the future once I start my career. I love how I got to learn how customize create and make my own webpage. The aspect of using a webpage for class is such a great and resourceful tool 🙂 honestly!!

Week 12 Algorithmic Art 

IMG_3572This week’s activity we have to explain the process of doing something to someone new or someone who’s never heard about a certain topic.  I will explaining how to play water polo because I used to play water polo in high school and I know the game pretty well . I have so much love for this game because its more then a game its an art because you’re swimming,  you are treading water to stay up, you are wrestling in the water you, are fighting for the ball and seeing who has the best skills.  Water polo is art in motion. The picture on the left is when I was captain and we played against Garfield high school in the beginning .

floating-water-polo-ball-1yny2m51.  You need to learn how to swim and egg beat to keep you up from drowning.  You need to have endurance to swim back and forth in the pool and not die and get left behind. In every play you go back and forth in the pool length.

2.  You need to  know how come up out of the water  to catch the ball and pass the ball as well as shoot the ball when necessary.

o7e97693. You need to know how to wrestle with your opponents and post up on them while playing defense. You cannot ever let someone get behind you because that makes it easier for them to score while you play  defense.

4.  You must know how to shoot the ball. There is a special method to shoot the ball, you must come up out of the water, shoot the ball with one hand your body must follow in a thrusting motion for the ball to have power and go straight to where you want it to go.

Water Polo to me is one of the hardest sport anyone can play or be apart of. Water polo is such a demanding sport. It is call cardio and strength it is very fun. The only way you get good at this game is by practicing over and over again.  This game isn’t easy you get hurt and cramps it is very dangerous as well as physical.  You can’t be afraid in this game or else you get hurt and you lose. I like this sport because its demanding and asks me to play at more then 100% percent.


Week 11 Activity (Plaster Sculpture) 

IMG_6815This week’s activity was one of a kind we had to make a plaster sculpture. Plaster isn’t one of the easiest materials to work with due to the fact that it can collapse so easily. So our activity was to go to the beach make a molding out of sand to put plaster in and make a sculpture. The beach was a pretty cool location to go and do the work .

I began creating the plaster I first went into the sand and I pressed my hand in the sand and then i created the mixture. Once I created the plaster I placed the plaster inside the molding and created my hand. The only problem with my plaster it wasn’t strong it enough so it kept falling apart so I remixed my plaster and I put sand in the mixture to make plaster more sturdy. My sculpture stayed up for a while before it fell apart.


I really enjoyed this project because I really like building with my hands and creating things with my bare hands.  I give credit to all the artist that work with mixtures to create sculptures and beautiful pieces of art because creating this objects is no joke and it is one of the harder things to do. I really enjoyed doing this project because I got to do it at my favorite place in the world… the beach is the best place to be especially for a cool art project like this one.

Week 10 Activity ( Student Choice)

IMG_6694I liked this weeks activity even though choosing what to do was hard. I had the freedom to whatever I’d like relating to art. When it came down to it I choose to replica art with my friend. We betted to see who could best replicate a piece of art or picture or scenery and loser would by the winner food. This was a pretty cool activity because now there was a challenge and we both had something to lose and neither one of use wanted to lose so that made it much more interesting.

I tried replicating a picture of a car but turns out I don’t have the best hands. I tired so many times on many different types of papers with different pencils with lead. I used thick paper and very thin paper. My best work was done on normal printer paper with a 0.5 lead pencil but I still couldn’t get the right symmetry with the images. I tried many times before I was able to get a complete picture done of the car it was tedious and kinda frustrating since it was competition and I didn’t want to lose .

I ended up losing and having to pay for the food which a is a real bummer 😦 . But I have to give it up  to my friend she had better hands and could draw much more quicker and neater then I could plus she had a lot more practice since she took art class in high school. I liked this weeks activity because it gave us a chance to be individuals and try and do something new that we wanted to do 🙂 .





Week 9 Urban Planning 


This week we were made to re-design a building from CSULB and draw cognitive map our school. Our school is really big and really nice but it could always be nicer and more beautiful. School has a few minor defects. Parking always sucks and there are rarely any seats for everyone to sit down. For me the biggest defect in our campus is shade, it always hot and shade is hard to come by and I don’t really like going in to class sweating; I bet people don’t appreciate my smell either.

I chose to redo Brotmen Hall because theres no shade and the ramp sucks in my opinion. I would take out the ramp and put escalator because I don’t like going to class sweaty and smelly. I would also put more trees by Brotmen hall to make the place more cooler and fresher with real organic life. I would make the shower solar panel to so it could power the escalators and then there wouldn’t be so much pollution and less bills to pay. I would also put some more water fountains and bench right there by Brotmen because a lot of people wait right there for their rides or buses and that would and could accommodate everyone a lot more.IMG_6461

This is my overall map of the school. I know i missed a lot of buildings but I am not to familiar with every campus building there are a lot of campus buildings and campus is pretty huge.  I also don’t have the steadiest hand in the world so its hard to draw for me. But this activity was pretty cool designing and redesigning things are just fun. Design is something I’m interested in and might be the major I chose so this activity did help me a bit more to make up my mind on what I want major in.


Week 8 Culture Remix 

ht_kendrick_lamar_pimp_butterfly_album_jc_150316_4x3_992This weeks activity was a bit harder to do then the rest but it was pretty cool. I choose to remix my favorite rapper's (Kendrick Lamar) album cover for his new album "To Pimp A Butterfly". The reason why I admire Kendrick Lamar is because he is such a great lyricist. Like rap for lyrics and pictures they paint with their words and their style of rapping.
imageThe picture on the left is his new album cover and I think its pretty cool but I believe he could have done a better a job with putting a better album cover. This is the album cover I would have rather put. This picture on the right is the picture they should have put instead, because I believe he is this great.

Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA 2.0) this is the license choose because I wouldn't mind if a big producer saw this and would use this for kendrick lamar's next album. I love rap and that culture so if they can share their music to me, then I wouldn't mind sharing something I think is cool. Sharing is good for everybody.

Week 7 Self-Portrait 

This weeks activity was a pretty interesting one that took a lot of thought. First of all a few weeks we did and art project that involved taking pictures  of the everyday stuff we do. This week had to do a self portrait with a plot twist us imagining our death, which is pretty cool and an interesting idea and concept.


I am a big  enthusiast in nice face and cool cars. My vision is that I will get run over and die by really fast sports car. I didn't have a super nice sports car at my dispense so I borrowed my older brothers car. I imagine myself walking across a street minding my business and this car comes speeding like a maniac and hits me and keeps on driving.


Man I really found this project interesting because no one knows how or when they are gonna die and you won't always be prepared for that day.  I liked this project because it makes you creative and it wonders "when" and "how". Overall this project was creepy fun and kinda challenging because no one likes death and wants to imagine themselves gone :) !

 Week 6 Yarn Bombing 


I went with my friend to check out FA2 ! The second floor of FA2 was awesome that I started day dreaming and forgot about time. I like how everything was knitted and yarned but this picture was cool. I like the way this clothing was put together.


I didn't really know was knitting was until I saw the videos. Well i didn't have no yarn to bomb a place. I know that this project was supposed to be like the graffiti bomb but I found this easier. I think bombing with clothe was easier then with spray paint because i don't have a steady hand.
I got an old shirt and decided to decorate an old tree branch. I choose to do black because of the gloomy weather and thought that branch would blend in perfectly with night. I liked this project because its not easy to knit or be creative with yarn or clothe because you have to know how create things and decorate.

Week 5: Kick Starter

Favorite Video (Grappling Hook) :
Disliked Video ( Technology):
The reason why I liked the grappling hook video more then the flashlight gps video is the fact that they tried to make the video to fancy. I like the grappling hook video because it was right to the point it made sense and was not as complicated.

Week 4: Comfort Zone 


This weeks activity was really cool and unique due to the fact that we were made to get out of our comfort zone. First of all I'm not I person that goes out much but i got invited out. My friend she invited me out to go explore Long Beach and the pike. It was my first time going out to the pike. I loved the pike it was so nice the pier and all the beautiful lights by The Queen Mary make long beach that much nicer.


My friend Lizbeth and I went to the light house to explore the scene and it was very nice. But there was real big surprise that happen afterwards  and it was really diffrenet, it was something  that I have never experienced before. It made me feel different but it was  worth it. My friend Lizbeth asked me to be her valentines and It was cool 🙂 !


Lizbeth told me to walk to the end of the pier and look at the water for 5 mins and so I did. She said she had to get something from her car and she left and came back. There was a crowd of people but when i turned around she had chocolates and flowers and asked me to be her valentines I was kinda nervous but off course i said yes she's too pretty to reject :p and it was different but I really enjoyed this. The lesson I learned from this project is that it good to be sociable and nice to new people  :) !

Week 3: Instagram Social Project 

IMG_5962  IMG_5960 IMG_5961  IMG_5959

We had to do an Instagram project this week was pretty strange but cool at the same time. We had to upload four pictures on our Instagram's and use the hashtag #art110s15 of what we were doing throughout the whole day. The first picture was taken at 6am in my daily morning commute. The second picture was me doing homework in my 2 hour gap at the library with my friend. The third picture was a picture of going to my last class I thought the view was nice and so I tool the picture. The fourth picture was of me studying my political science readings and doing my math study guide for the exam i had the next day. I thought uploading so many picture was weird because people usually only upload one picture once in a while but it was kinda cool seeing what I do throughout the whole day.

IMG_5956 IMG_5958 IMG_5955 IMG_5957


This project was kinda cool and unique due to the fact that we go to see what our other classmates do everyday. I saw that a lot of my peers do a lot of what I do on a daily school basis. I saw a lot of peers studying driving and enjoying the day like me. Every time I would upload a picture of me going to class or studying or even  driving there would be five or six similar pictures, I noticed that I am not the only one that has a busy life and schedule my other 100 classmates or on the grind also.

Week 2: Spray-Paint-Activity 


Spray painting on  Friday night in bubble shape was one of the funnest activities I've done in all my life. I was able to meet up with my new friend Lizbeth Rangel which i interviewed on thursday and we did the project together. First we went to home depot to buy the spray I bought two cans and she bought one to save money, after that we went to the 99cent store to buy cheap cardboard to paint on and we painted in my garage.  I first outline my name then i traced it with marker then I sprayed the outline with my paint. I don't have a steady hand so i respect all the people who can spray paint great and cool things on walls and anywhere .


This activity took a few hours and it was pretty difficult due to the fact it was my first time spray painting. I thought this was a fun, dope activity, but I did not like how my name came out.  I would love to learn how to spray paint like professional artist due so I could design my room. Spray painting was certainly something that caught my attention.



ART: Is the emotional expression of mental creativity.
Technology: Futuristic Art expressed in everyday objects.
Culture: What makes every ethnic group and person unique from one another.



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