Week 15 Artist Interview ( Rebbeca Kriz and Nathan Lewis and Danielle Sterling)

IMG_7474 This week at the art galleries I had to attend “Drawn Out” by all the seniors, it was their senior show which was pretty cool because they are very talented. Rebbeca Kriz was one that stood out to me because she did animals but these animals were out of the norm which was pretty cool and unique.  Aside from these sculptures Rebbeca loves working with bugs and dinosaurs all types of reptiles and unique animals because most artist won’t know what to do with them.


Another cool artist work i admired and get to write about this week is Nathan Lewis because he ideology and work is pretty creative and different. Nathan created his work based on religion because he mediates a lot and finds peace through with religion. He creates with his mind and crafts the beautiful work with the hands he was blessed with. He believes nothing more beautiful then creating a beautiful piece of art that everyone looks at and admires for all the work it has been through.


Danielle Sterling art was cool as well because her art work is based on making stories with pictures and no words. Her art is driven for love of drawing and painting stories ever since she was a little girl. She uses drawing stories as a visual language which is pretty cool and unique. She creates a unique particular story that helps convey the narrative in a physical from. I believe that its cool that she wants to paint to make stories come alive in the canvas more then just paining a direct picture on the canvass. She has a lot of creativity and skill for how she works and makes her art happen.

Week 15 Classmate Interview (Robert Hernandez)


This week  I got interview this cool funny dude Robert Hernandez. He is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and wants to be a theater major and I think that a unique crazy but cool major. I find it different but it’s cool because actors that become successful make lots and lots of money.  He is a very creative person mentally and emotionally he knows how to stay in character in and out of the stage and I thinks that pretty cool because to keep your emotions in place is hard to do.

Robert likes tagging and drawing, but he does it on papers and cardboards. He loves to ride his penny board around every where, because its fun and fast so it feels exciting. Robert loves to pull pranks on people in high school he won class clown his senior year because he pulled the most pranks on people everyone liked his jokes. Robert loves playing basketball with his friends and doesn’t give up until they win. He is a super nice energetic respectful dude.

Robert is a very cool person to hangout with because he never puts anyone down, he helps people rise and never makes them feel bad because he thinks people should be nicer. I respect Robert because he knows how to make people and thats a rare cool strength. I hope Robert makes it big in his acting career and goes where he wants with it.


Week 14- Artist Interview (Maritza Munguia/Tye Zhung)

IMG_7268This weeks art gallery we hectic because there was so many art pieces posted especially in the GOTAV-West galley it was a mixture of every piece that we had seen throughout the whole semester. The gallery’s name was “Liminal” the meaning is the initial start of a process. This gallery was cool and full of a lot of potential and cool and unique artist. Seeing all the artist pieces together in one room was great because you could see the difference in art ideology and technique as well as style.


Tye Zhung’s “Patient” painting really grabbed my attention because it stands out so much. Its a 3-D art piece and it looks like its from a dark nature. The orange to me makes me think the person sitting on the chair is a prisoner and is patiently waiting for a friend or family member to visit him one day. That is the way interpret his art piece but everyone views art and interprets art different.




Maritza Mungia’s “Voluminous” was my favorite piece of art out of the whole gallery because it just satisfies the eye and is so simply complicated. This piece is made out of acrylic, wood and duralar. This artist made the piece 3-d  which made it stand out way more . I like this piece because it looks like a window frame and when opened a bunch of creativity come out of it and probably represents the artist and the window is her brain flowing with creativity, thats the way interpret her art. But she said its a pattern of shadows and life contains many shadows and i agree with her . This piece of art was outstanding to me.







Week 14- Classmate Interview ( Mathew Cruz)

IMG_7269This week I got to meet Mathew Cruz from the bay area San Francisco. He went to community college for two years before transferring over here to Long Beach. He now has his own place to stay with his bros and live in Santa Ana. Mathew is  a senior and is graduating this May he has been in school now for 7 years and I believe thats a lot but now he is done and that shows me hard work does pay off because I’m barely starting my academic career.

Mathew Cruz is a Civil Engineering Major and is so excited to work for a company one day. Mathew said the hardest class he took was calculus with physics and it was hard because it contain electricity and electricity isn’t neutral component thats why it made it hard for him to grasp physics but he did it.  He loves basketball as much as I do and well he is a Golden State Warriors fan and I am a Chicago Bulls fan we both really hope our teams both make playoffs.

Overall it was great experience meeting Mathew Cruz. He is a really nice friendly guy with a lot of heart. Mathew is really fun person to talk to even though I only got to talk to him for a little bit it felt like we talked for hours and got to know each other pretty good. I wish nothing for the best for him after he graduates and I know he will have a bright future ahead of him.


Week 13- Artist Interview ( Marty Knob) 


This week at the galleries I had the chance to interview Marty Knob which I thought he was a very intelligent person due to the way he creates his art.  I visited the WERBY-galley and his geometric art caught my attention. I think it is amazing and crazy how he creates his art out of equations and an app he made thats cool and like hard to do. I give him props for his work because his art is math painted into these canvas’s and I don’t think many artist can do this and make it look this cool.


I like his art because I get lost in it trying to figure what he is trying to paint and create for the public eye. He said the biggest challenge he faced was calculus and once he was able to pass calculus it made and opened up a world for him. Before he used his app “mathmattica” he used excel and a illustrator app to create his paintings.  He said its easy to see how the art is going to come out for him because all you have to do is put in these math equations and the app will generate the paintings and pictures for him.

I give props to Marty because in my eyes he’s a genius because no one really likes math its hard and confusing and challenging but he was able to change math to his favor and create art. He helps other artist with their shows by adding extras with his app and configuring to make their shows stand out. I believe marty is the future because math is unique and creating math into art  is just amazing. I believe marty will go further in his artistic career with his traits mindset and creativity he posses :).

Week 13- Classmate Interview (Emily Orellana)

IMG_5941This week I had the fortune to meet this cool girl a freshmen at CSUB named Emily Orellana. Well Emily comes from LA like I do but she lives in a city called Hollydale Park.  She came to Long Beach because her older sister graduate from Long Beach and she was familiar with the campus and it was her dream school to attend. Emily really loves the campus and we both agree the weather in Long Beach is way better then the one in LA.

Emily is a nursing major and that is pretty cool because we need more people in the world that wanna help other people stay healthy and alive.Emily is a smart girl and I believe that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Emily loves dogs and she has a full breed poodle that she loves to cuddle with and take out for walks daily. Emily favorite theme is disney land and she has a annual pass and goes when ever she has a chance to attend. She is an out door type of  girl and thats pretty cool.

Its great meeting new people weekly because I never knew how many people go to the same school yet come from cities close to mine.  Emily and I both like food her favorite restaurant is  Lucielles because she loves ribs and the mac and cheese they have is just the best thing ever for her.  I love ribs as much as her but my favorite place to eat is Buffalo Wild Wings and well we talked about food for a while and that was pretty cool. It was great meeting Emily I know she will go far in her education because she has the ambition for it.



Week 12- Artist Interview ( Katherine Cox)

This weeks art galleries were awesome and I was so into it.  However, Katherine Cox art pieces caught my attention the most because of the unique designs and ceramic shapes. A lot of her art was done in teal and blue colors I thought that  it made them look shiny. I also like how all 

IMG_6935her pieces were a complete different design and shape and were all done in such a perfect symmetry. Katherine was not able to attend the art gallery show, but Carlos Kessle was there to explain her art pieces and show they were all different and what her theme was about :).



My person favorite piece this porcelain item on the left side. There was just something unique and special this piece of art to me. I looked deep into this  design and I was able see the umbrella and the people and the rain. This piece of art was romantic and unique in its own way.  The structure and the colors of this piece all contemplated  each other to stand out.  Out of the whole gallery this piece is the piece that stood out to me.

This gallery was truly something else, because knowing all the hard work Katherine Cox does to make her art stand out and be so cool is just crazy. She waits until the porcelain drys and then she uses her tools to make the shapes and the forms of her pieces.  After Cox is done  carving she cleans up the pieces and makes her art shiny and puts the finishing touches on it. I like this artist because builds her pieces and the and makes them all out of the top of her head.  Katherine will have a very promising career because of her unique complex pieces of art.

Week 12-ClassMate Interview ( Leobardo Orozco)

IMG_7032This week I had the chance to meet this cool dude Leobardo Orozaco. Well to start he is a freshmen at cal state long beach. He is a business major he dreams of starting his own business one day and expanding. He want open hotels or even a bar and keep making money in that way. Leo chose Long Beach because he loves the cool weather. He also loves the beach so CSULB was the ideal school for him and all he wanted. He thinks the campus is gorgeous and clean.

Leobardo is a soccer player and used to play at his high school and he plays for outside leagues.  He loves to go out and party with friends he is very fun guy. His favorite burger place is in and out because they have the best burgers in the world according to him.  He loves dancing Mexican Music at parties with his friends and girls :).

Leobardo is a very smart guy who was born in Lynwood and lives in LA. He wants to move somewhere nicer then were he comes from. Leo has a twin brother but his twin brother doesn’t go to school he just works.  Leo is the biggest THE WEEKND XO fan in the world he is saving up to go see him live next time he is in LA.  It was cool to meet someone from the area I commute from and to meet a twin.

Week 11- Artist Interview (Gabriel Garcia)

img_0920This week I had the chance to Interview Gabriel Garcia’s art gallery of strong meaning full messages. Gabriel had unique interesting way of expressing him self in my opinion. He used an opaque style to make his words stand out. The font he used to write his words also made his message that much stronger and made it more meaningful.  The theme name of this gallery is called Toxic Masculinity and I think that stands for, how ignorant men act how their words and actions affect everyone.


I believe these words do describe most of the men in society but don’t add up to all of them.  The picture on the right side I don’t believe that when guys say this is a bad negative statement. I think its just said to be motivational to help a person stay motivated or when they felt like they have short in something they were doing like sports when you mess up but its fixable I don’t think the word “MAN UP” is such bad word.

I honestly believe that Gabriel has a great vision but is trying to empower women.  I like this taller because it was different then other galleries due to the fact that it was words rather then pictures. I believe that Gabriel would make great statement if he could get art out I’m the real world and get people to view it he could create more equality in battle of sexes.

Week 11-Classmate Interview ( Gonzalo Martinez)

IMG_6826This week I was able to interview this cool dude named Gonzalo Martinez. Gonzalo is the first in his family to attend college. Well to start off Gonzalo is a freshmen and he comes from south gate. Its crazy because I come from the same city but I never ever had met him or had seen him around our high school. He is a double major ( political science/ business) and is trying to transfer by next year to a UC.

To start off we both love sports our favorite sport is basketball but the only bad thing about this kid is he is a Los Angles Clipper fan 😦 and I am Chicago Bulls fan. He loves Blake Griffin that is he’s idol but I Taj Gibson he’s my favorite power forward in the game. His football team is the broncos but I am a New York Giants fan…. anyways we had a great time talking about sports and players and where we thought were gonna stand in their seasons.

Gonzalo is a big rock and roll fan his favorite band is Pink Floyd but I am a big rap fan so we both learned about different cultures of music.  I had great time talking to this nice funny dude. It is a good Idea to meet new people because you get to learn new things every single time. I made a new friend from the same city we come from. I plan on keeping up with Gonzalo Martinez.


Week 10- Artist Interview (Isaiah Ullo)

IMG_6547Last Thursday I had the chance to interview Isaiah Ullo’s gallery, in the Werby Gallery. I got to see Isaiah’s plastered art figures and they were pretty awesome and unique. I liked the fact that they were made in 3-D plaster is a very difficult mixture to work with and to make it into a dimension with that much volume is pretty awesome.

I thought this sculpture on the left was pretty cool even though I  didn’t understand it much. To me this sculpture looks like a plaster mannequin that good burnt and the head fell off even though the body survived. Im kind a glad that I’m not able to understand all art because it makes me appreciate these artist and the talent that they have and the beautiful pieces of work that they make. IMG_6546

This piece of art on the right really made me freak out due to the fact that I thought it was a flat surface but it wasn’t. As soon as I walked closer and closer the art piece turned into a 3-D piece of art had a bigger face. I thought that was pretty neat trick and this artist deserves props for that sole reason. Molding and plastering is tough but this face figure took it to a whole new level and made his talent show. I was pretty amazed and shock by this art and I respect this talent person; Isaiah Ullo.


Week 10-Classmate Interview (Angelica Palad) 




This Thursday I had the chance to meet Angelica Palad. She is a very nice, funny, down to earth girl and a freshmen at CSULB.  Angelica is from Central Valley, BakersField. She is the 2nd Oldest of 6 sisters, the reason why she has 5 siblings is because her parents wanted a boy but never were able to have one. Angelica is a major in nutrition.

Angelica came to CSULB to get out of the her area and to get the dorm-ing experience and to get some space from her parents.  She loves the beach but prefers the mountains because that is were she came from. Angelica loves running but doesn’t play any sports because her parents were afraid she would get hurt when she she was in high school due to the fact that the dad suffered a injury playing sports.

Angelica is a very smart young lady. She loves  sushi and stuff crust pizza! I mean who doesn’t love stuff crust, but she has decided to go vegan because she feels bad about eating meat because everything the animals suffer to get to our stomaches. Angelica paints on her free time as a hobby. Meeting Angelica was a great experience overall I wish the best for her.

Week 9-Artist Interview (Lesley Nishigawara & Tiffany Le)



This week I  attended the Dutzi-Gallery and I got see  Lesley Nishigawara and Tiffany Le amazing complex but unique creativity.  They both work different from each other and yet come out with these  mind-blowing pieces.  First of all Lesley interprets pictures from the environment makes them her own and thats cool. The environment inspires her work and makes her create it in to a new type of art.  IMG_6404

This picture on the right from Lesley is pretty cool. It looks like a blue print to hold a bridge in place, but it is the interpretation of Lesley of the The Tuss bridge. I think it is pretty cool to create this by yourself. First of all mathematicians make this blue prints out of numbers, but this artist just a saw this picture once and was able to make a better replication by interpreting the image and drawn the way she wanted too. This is raw talent and a great source of a imagination one day i hope to obtain. IMG_6401

Tiffany Le’s work is more harmonious because she works her art towards nature. I love that she makes these fishes standout and how the blue and pink work together to make a beautiful image. Both of these artist draw different topics but both of them are very talented young ladies. I hope one day I can own my potential and master it like them. I really enjoyed this gallery it was different from the other ones I have seen, this gallery is based on interpretations and off  harmonious images.


Week 9 Classmate Interview (Jullian Penida )


This past Thursday I was able to meet this cool dude Jullian. Well to start off Jullian is a freshmen from Lake Elsinore and now lives in Garden Grove. Jullian wants to major in Criminal Justice. He was in athlete in high school like I was it was crazy because we did similar sports like track and field and swim. This guy has such a great vibe because he is in to fitness as well as I am and he knows it take a lot of time and its hard but its doable with hard work and dedication.

Jullian Penida has a pretty rad taste in music we agreed on must of the music we talked about. First of all he loves indie/rock and I think that music pretty chill and good for long drives. His favorite band is the FOO FIGHTERS and I liked them too so that made us click even more as well as our favorite food. His favorite food is pizza and thats crazy because I love pizza as well. He has two older bros and one younger and I have one older bro and two younger bros. I think its cool and kinda crazy how people cities and miles apart from you are so similar yet different from you.

Jullian came to Long Beach  because he was familiar with the campus and they have a good major for his program. Meeting this guy was a great and fun experience. We both have similar interest, we both like comics and food and have similar interest in music and love to laugh. We both are striving for greatness and both are swimmers. This is one of the interviews I doubt I will forget :).

Week 8 Artist Interview (Nolan Reiter)


Nolan Reiter is a BFA Printing Major, and the way his work is influenced has been because of the world. His BFA work is done with silk and pictures. He had extensive conversations with different cultures so that he could become more and more affluent. I think thats pretty cool, because the more you learn the more open minded you become and the more you can change your work around and become a greater artist.

I like nolans work because my dad works with silk, but the way this guy uses silk to make it in to art is just amazing because silk is really expensive and such a beautiful material too work with.Not only does he work with great material he makes his art pieces vibrant and makes them stand out by the way he designs the pieces and the color he decides to put on the pieces. All his work pieces are his reflections of the world.

IMG_6328I personally like this piece because he uses red and orange with a lime green. I think red and organe are colors that help each other stand out but green isn’t. The way this picture all compliments one another is just great. The picture is a nice design with a cool theme. I like and appreciate his art because of the way its done and the stuff he uses to make the art piece’s come to life. Nolan is a great artist and great person spreading his ideas and thoughts through paintings and art designs.



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Week 8 Classmate Interview (Myself)


This week at the art galleries I don’t not get the chance to interview anyone. I decided to interview myself because I’m a person too. I tried hard to find someone to interview but everyone had already interviewed somebody so I was just left with myself. The art galleries are such a cool distraction because you get lost in the uniqueness and forget about the time that has passed by.

Well my name is Cristian Rodriguez Im 18 years of age and I am freshmen at Cal State Long Beach. I have three siblings in my home. I have an Older brother who is 21 years old and attends Los Angels Trade Tech. I have younger brother who is a sophomore at South Gate High School. I have a baby bro who goes to South Gate Middle School. I was born in Lynwood but raised in SouthGate. Right now I am Undecided with what I want to with my life because its kind of scary thinking about what I want to spend the rest of my days doing, but I’m interested in Business, Design, and Kinesiology . My goal is to know what major Im going to declare by the end of this semester.

I love nature, I prefer being out doors then just inside my home or a building. The best times I have are when I’m with my girlfriend or friends.  Sometimes I love being alone because it gives me time to think about everything and helps me relax my thoughts. My favorite thing to do when I am alone is to workout and play water polo because I recently have gotten more ambition for getting in shape. Fitness has open many doors for me in my life and also has help me get through my rough times in my life. Im a nice guy and I just love positive vibes with nice fun people :).


Week 7 Artist Interview (Andre Ritter) 


This week I decided to attend Andre Ritter’s  “Spark” gallery because I found this type of art unique. I like the fact he is a metal smith and makes beautiful unique shapes out of the metal he works with.  He had worked with jewelry and decided to combine it with metal and created many new pieces.


Andre is really fascinated with the “TIKKI” theme and modern lifestyle/ motifs. I really think this piece of art is cool because he uses pink. I like the fact that he uses pink because it is a hard color to integrate in to art pieces and yet he made this look natural. I like the fact that the pink goes with the nickel colored base .


Andre is a senior at CSULB and would love to put his 3-D work out there in the world. I believe this guy has a lots of potential and well be able to display his work where ever he wants. It was really interesting looking at metal art from young artist that are still in school. I really enjoyed this new art style.




Week 7 Classmate Interview (John Sayson)


This week I got to meet this cool dude John. Well john is a really sociable guy and really respectful to everyone. Well first of a he said he wants to be a film maker  for any indie film making company but he’s dream job is to be a famous director. John’s favorite actor is Robert Dinero because he is just  such a great actor.  He loves horror movies because he loves all interesting  well made movies .

Johns biggest goal right now is getting in shape a losing weight because he wants to become a boxer aside from being .  He said right now he is working out from home and is losing weight like crazy he has already loss 50 pounds.  I can relate to him because I wanted to lose weight a lot of weight when i was younger  and I did so I give him so advice of what I did to lose weight.

John also loves anime he has a few favorites like “Honey Glover”  and is a very big “Pokemon”  fan . I loved Pokemon also when I was growing up. Well John is a great person and I think he will succeed and become a great movie director and will get in shape. I’ll be hoping for the best in Johns health. Overall meeting John was great 🙂


Week 6 Artist Interview (Emily Babbette and Romina Del Castillo)


This week I got to visit Emily Babbette  and her art galley “La Vie En Noir“.  Well her theme was kind of gothic and really natural. She said she loves to paint people but when she  paints them she wants them to come dressed naturally and normal as they can. Painting and sketching a person takes her about 40hours and I think thats crazy to be sitting around that long that takes a patiences and determination.


This is one Emily’s paintings and I think it is really cool because she draws in a gothic nature about other people. I like how she us black and gray to compliment white. Her pictures of people are so good they look like somebody took a picture those people with an old camera. She really has a great shading technique and a great reflective technique as well.


Emily Babbette’s friend Romina Del Castillo has the same concept of punk-gothic theme yet she brings life with the vague opaque colors she uses. I really like how she includes the same colors in each of her paintings but paints in a different way each picture. The one color that stands out in every painting is black and thats cool. I really enjoyed these new style of painting I got to see thursday.

Week 6 Classmate Interview (Zack Kim )


This week I was able to meet this cool guy full of life. Zack Kim comes from Sunny Hills in Fullerton.  Kim is a freshmen at Cal State Long Beach like me and interested in being a film major. Kim choose Long Beach because he heard they had a great film program and really wants to become a movie director or something related to the film industry. I think its cool he loves filming and editing the videos he records.

Zack is  a great student he has a 4.0 gpa and when he was applying to colleges he did tremendously awesome in the SATS. He is really involved in some of the campus clubs and his favorite one is the K.C.C.C. (Korean Campus Crusaders for Christ). I think it is really cool that he is religious and even though we are not from the same religion its still nice to hear his beliefs and share them together. The CON about cal state long beach for him is that it is far from home so he hates the commute but does it because he loves the campus and vibe.

Well Zack loves food but then again who doesn’t love to eat. His favorite cultural food is mexican food because he comes from a latino community and always has been eating latin food. On his free time he likes to play guitar and hang out with is buddies . I thought Zack was very happy nice sociable guy and I believe he will succeed in the film industry with his personality and cool attitude.

Week 5 Artist Interview Dianna Franco 



This week I got interview Dianna Franco and her cool hybrid art gallery. She said her ideas were sparked from old buildings and nature. She took art history to see how buildings affect nature in society over the years as they pass by.  At the age of twenty was when she decided that she wanted to make her art organic.



Dianna did not put names on her art to make the public think what is her art. Her art is saturated and is hybrid type of painting. She uses spray paint, acrylics and oil paintings to create the fusion between nature and society. I really love this piece because i love how the colors give make each other stand out more and more. The pink really makes the blue and purple standout. She uses thick and thin amounts of paints to make her shapes fill in and her colors go in harmony with each other.



This painting has to do with nature and how civilization coexist with each other. The colors are saturated to show how they go in with each other. I loved her paintings because her idea was unique on how nature exist with in big built cities.  Dianna Franco is a great artist and will only get better with her ideas and technique.

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Week 5 Classmate Interview( Kylie Dinsomore) 


This week I got to meet this cool cat Kylie Dinsomore freshmen at CSULB.Kylie is from Found Valley  and is the same major as I am(Business Major)  and thats pretty cool. Well Dinsomore is a pretty smart guy he’s already taking advance math and loves to be in school study and think art is really great because it stimulate’s the mind and brain.

Kylie loves nature rather being indoors he is an out door type of guy. He loves to play basketball with his friends when he a chance, loves swimming at the beach and running he is a very athletic guy. As much as he loves to workout he loves to eat as well his favorite food is nachos. He loves all types of nachos, the reason he loves nachos is because once he went to party as so much nachos and threw up.

Kylie choose cal state long beach because he loves the area. He applied to many schools that were nice but he choose long beach because he loved the people here they were friendly. Long beach has very great vibe that is enjoyable for both of us. It was a pleasure meeting Kylie Dinsomore.

Week 4 Artist Makaila Palmer


On Thursday I got to see Makaila Palmer Odyssey gallery .  I thought she was pretty cool down to earth artist. Her paintings was really different as well as her theme it made sense. I liked how she tried to develop a concept that everyone could understand and the language was money. Money talks and stands out a lot more now in this era. So her concept was unique in that sense.


I like how she said she traveled to Europe and made her paintings of her memory and few  pictures she took. She explained that every bill is unique in color and made landscapes out of scenery and painted them by the color of the currency and that was pretty cool. This artist believe grasped the concept of money and language.


I really liked this painting at the gallery. I love when artist use pink because its color that is hard to grasp and use in an art piece. This artist was able to own the pink and make it in to a very unique painting that I believe it compliments black.

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Week 4 Classmate Interview (Valerie Arredondo)


On Thursday I was able to meet this new person and I personally thought she was pretty cool. Her name is Valerie and well she left a very good impression on me. She has a 4.0 GPA right now as a freshmen and is already in some of her major classes and I thought that was pretty awesome ! The major she declared is one of the toughest ones out there and it is Bio.

She graduated from Poly High School and decided to attend cal state long beach because it was cheaper and she’s local. Her dream job when she is older is to become a vet and I think its great because I love animals as well.  One of her favorite hobbies is painting she says it calms her and helps her put her unease’d thoughts down and out of her mind.

She plays rugby and had a swollen broken nose because a girl head butted her and made her bleed hard. She was also a swimmer in High School just like me and I thought that was crazy and cool because it is a demanding sport and rugby is similar to water polo so it was cool to talk about.

Week 3 Artist Interview (Yireh Elaine Quak)


This past Thursday’s Art Gallery Viewing was pretty awesome with Artist  Yireh Elaine Quak. Yireh started painting in her late 19’s early 20’s and was always trying to become a better oil painter. She loves painting with oils more then with acrylic paints, due to the fact that oil paints leave a shine after look.  She believes it is easier to mix the colors and they don’t conflict as much because they are all oil based paints. I believed that because all the colors that were placed on her paintings helped compliment each other rather then conflict.


This is her favorite art from her themed gallery (Harmony and Discordance Conflicting Landscapes). It is her favorite do to the fact that it was one of the hardest paintings she had to due because it to a lot of strength and a lot of concentration painting on three panels. It was heavy and hard to move these panel’s around when she was creating this piece. Her inspiration came from from where she lives. She lives on hill and is surrounded by nature and the city and the conflict is in the right in front of her eyes, but you must pay close attention.


I personally liked this picture because it is unique. The painting is peaceful and neutral and goes with the theme of her art gallery. I like the flower because its beautiful the shape of the flower is also similar to the real life wild flowers and I think that takes a lot of talent to sketch that and make it come alive. I respect this artist because she made her paintings relate to such a beautiful theme.



Week 3 Classmate Interview (Jones Sin):


This is Jones Sin, who I was able to introduce myself to and befriend this past Thursday at the art gallery viewing  in gotav-west.  I was walking around the gallery viewing and admiring the paintings that were posted on the walls and I was truly amazed by how hard and beautiful this paintings were.  Jones had the same feelings about the paintings in the gallery he likes art due to the fact that is a way to express yourself with colors and a way to show your feelings without having to use words.  Jones really loved the mellow nature paintings because they were peaceful and mind calming.

Jones Sin is a Sophomore at C.S.U.L.B who is majoring in the computer field. He said he would like to be a engineer but he rather stay in the computer field.  He is the first one in his family to attend a big university like me. Unlike me being hispanic, his family is Taiwanese-Vietnamese. He loves to play computer games because they give more one on one time with the computer and it helps him become more efficient at using computers.

Jones loves to plays sports like I do , except he plays tennis and basketball. I think he’s a cool guy except the fact that he loves the lakers and I am a bulls fan. We both love to eat food but he loves homemade food because its cheaper and more tasty. Jones is maintaining great grades in school and we both have same of getting a degree and graduating college.

Week 2 Interview Artist ( Maccabee Shelby)





I became interested in Maccabee Shelby’s  glass-artwork when professor Glenn Zucman introduced him but everything changed once I walked into the Max. L Gatov East Gallery. Maccabee’s work is more then just art, it is a passion and a hunger for creativity. He explained that his art is constructed of meshing ceramic, stone, glass and many more materials together in a hot oven until they create these unique sculptures. Shelby loves to use  the color pink because he believes  that it makes his glass more classy.  The shapes that come out of this phenomena are just amazing and unique no two of his sculptures look the same.



This right here is one Maccabee’s earliest piece and I think this piece is dope. The creation of this piece used Blue bottles such as (Bud Light Platinum) because those bottles have a great blue color. I think this piece look like blue bricks with sharp edges. I like this piece because my favorite color is blue and this blue is unique and crazy. This piece of art work was really enjoyable.

Maccabee Shelley’s website:

Week 2 Classmate (Lizbeth Rangel 🙂 )



( Took this picture Thursday after the Interviews we went to go eat 🙂 )

This week on Thursday  I had the honor to meet this amazing girl with a beautiful soul named Lizbeth Rangel (Liz). We began speaking and it was so awesome due to the fact that we both came from the same middle school and high school yet we never spoke. Lizbeth and i clicked instantly. Lizbeth was born May 30th, she has one older sister and one younger sister, she is the first to attend college in her family and has two doggies. Our communication time was limited but I learned a lot about her, she has such a great and caring personality, she is a very happy person, very fun person to be around and hangout with. She has a very amazing personality.

Lizbeth Rangel loves to dance, she used to be in the dance team in high school!! I think thats cool because dancing is pretty hard and takes a lot of skill and a lot of stamina to be a great dancer like her. She loves going out and hanging out with her cool friends and just having a great time. Liz told me that playing soccer in the rain is one of the funnest expeirences ever. Watching basketball is one of her favorite things to do, she was even the stats girl for the high school team and thats pretty cool. She loves to workout and is working on getting really healthy.

This  interview was pretty cool due to the fact that I got to meet someone for the first time again. Lizbeth is such a soulful person and great caring person :).  Anybody who befriends her will be lucky. She is a very intelligent young lady and has a very very bright future ahead of her. I know her great  work ethics and great personality is going to take her far in her life :).







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